Trends in Banking Tech to Watch Out for in 2023
Trends in banking tech

It’s been quite a year for banking tech. Looking back, you can see more and more banks realizing the power of open APIs, better client communication and transaction enrichment, just to name a few. 

And as excited as we are about the trends we’ve seen come to fruition this year, we’re even more excited about what’s to come in the next 12 months.

Here are four tech trends we see the leading regional banks prioritizing in 2023:

1. Prioritizing CX

Okay, CX has been a big trend for banks of all sizes for a while now, so the concept is not necessarily a new trend, but it’s changed over the last few years and – after COVID proved the importance of customer tech – is becoming a primary concern of banks.

You hear a lot about “digital transformation” these days, talking about the way banks looked before COVID and how they look now. Tech is a key part of that, and the expectation is that your customers and clients will be able to engage and communicate through an omni-channel experience, whether that’s mobile or browser-based. 

The biggest part of this trend that we expect to see in 2023 is regional banks being able to compete with the big guys thanks to tech partnerships – speaking of which… 

2. Banks Embracing Fintech Companies

For a long time, banks have viewed fintech companies as rivals to be defeated. After COVID, banks and fintech companies seem to have called a truce to see how they can work together rather than against each other.

Honestly, two of the biggest challenges for banks – especially regional banks – when it comes to technology are:

  1. Speed to market
  2. Ability to innovate

By partnering with tech providers, regional banks don’t have to worry about keeping up and innovating – they just need to find a partner with a deep understanding of the CX landscape as it relates to banks in particular

Look for more banks to outsource their CX in 2023 – and more copycat CX providers to pop up as they gain in popularity.

3. Personalization as Table Stakes

While personalization is nothing new, expect it to become a given in 2023 – meaning it’s no longer optional. Firms are pushing beyond personalization into hyper-personalization, using AI and algorithms to predict customer needs and promote products. 

It goes without saying that making sure your customers have the information they need to engage with your bank is really important. Whether it’s a personal banking customer coming in to make payments, a business owner looking at their business accounts, or a HNW private banking client, they want to come to one location that is very personalized in terms of communication and engagement. 

4. Fully Unifying and Realizing Data

Even in 2022, a lot of banks have still not seen all of their own clients’ data all in one place. In our conversations with leaders of regional banks, we have found that if they could get a 360-degree view of what they have within their own four walls, the growth opportunity could easily exceed 5x. 

Rather than seeking growth through new customers, look for banks to work toward realizing the revenues in their current relationships and using that data to deliver the experience and provide the advice clients want.

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