Wealth Management Solutions

Get complete relationship views that improve your financial advice.

Your clients trust you with their entire financial life. Exceed their expectations and deliver personalized value with speed and ease.

Consolidate your clients’ lives

Your financial advice is only as good as the data fueling it. Wealth Access gives you industry-leading aggregation capabilities so you can view all of a household’s assets in a single view and know for certain you’re advising on the complete picture.

See entire relationships at once

Every aspect of Wealth Access is created to give you complete customer data, so you can truly understand their needs. You can equip your team to deliver hyper-personalized experiences that win trust, facilitate adoption, and build deep relationships.

Make decisions that grow your firm

Having more complete data at your fingertips means the ability to make business decisions with clarity. Whether you’re planning-led or investment-focused, the data insights you can find in Wealth Access can help you uncover opportunities for your relationships to expand into other areas of your firm.

Put your advice in their hands

The Wealth Access app is with your clients wherever they go. Customizable to your brand, clients can aggregate their financial accounts and view insights from anywhere.

Level Up Your Wealth Management Business

Call Wealth Access today and see how your client relationships can improve.

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