10 Things Technology Partners Do for Banks

Although most banks list “improving the customer experience” as a top priority, less than one-third actually report “expanding their product line” anywhere in their top priorities in at least one recent survey. In other words, while creating a better CX is a goal—adding the services or technology necessary to reach that goal isn’t always a given.

It’s a common case of what sounds good in theory doesn’t always happen in reality. We see this often among financial institutions who know the benefit of improving their customer experience, but often end up delivering something that is less stellar than they intended. 

So, how can banks get over the hump of providing transformative customer experiences? One way to do this is to find the right technology partner. You’ll notice I didn’t say technology vendor

There’s a gulf of differences between a technology vendor who delivers software and a technology partner who can deliver a whole host of other benefits. 

Today, we’re listing the top ten benefits you can expect to receive when you team up with the right tech partner for your firm and how they can help you transform your bank’s business. 


1. Objective advice.

Tech partners don’t just sell you a product, they engage with you consultatively and help you make the best decisions for your business. 

Your success means success for your partners too, so you can trust that their advice is objective and designed to help you win, time and time again.


2. Flexible solutions.

Software vendors only offer rigid packages. A true partner works with you to build customized solutions for your needs.

When you find the right tech partner for your firm, you’ll be able to trust that their solutions are flexible enough to fit your changing needs.


3. Transparency.

You don’t need to constantly ask before you receive information. You aren’t left in the dark about your project. Your perfect partner is all about transparency, not ghosting.


4. Speak in your language.

That transparent communication also extends to how they speak with you and your clients. No more technical jargon—just the facts.

When you and your software team are on the same page, that greater communication can also extend to your clients.


5. Long-term relationship. 

It’s easy to hop from one software to another year after year like your project management system, but teaming up with the right tech is all about stability and efficiency.

A true tech partner is a long-term relationship because they’re more valuable than just a single point solution.


6. Growth enablement. 

When you have an efficient and reliable partner, you can focus on what really matters—your clients. 

Plus, when your partner is equipping you with what you need, you’ll have the foundations to build on and grow.


7. Reliability. 

Speaking of reliability, you can have the peace of mind knowing that when your tech partner says they’ll do something, they’ll do it. 

The best partner for your bank is always ahead of the curve—solving problems and answering questions before you even ask them.


8. Great service. 

Great tech isn’t possible without great customer service. It all starts with the people. 

When you’ve got questions, you can count on your tech partner to show up with the answers—without putting you on hold.


9. Constant innovation. 

The best technology partners are constantly bringing new ideas to you, because they are always innovating themselves. 

Your choice of software has the potential to consolidate your data, deliver deeper insights, and create a personalized client experience. With constantly evolving, advanced tech on your team, the possibilities are endless.


10. An extension of your team. 

A partner makes your own people look better—it doesn’t replace them. Great technology gives them what they need to be superstars within your organization.

A quality partner will integrate their solutions with your existing systems and improve upon them to create a streamlined experience for both your clients and your team members, allowing you to grow.


Partnering with the right technology solutions for your bank can be the game-changer you need to not only stand out from the competition, but also to create a collaborative company culture that enables growth—inside and out.


Find Your Perfect Tech Partner 

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