How Data Aggregation Helps Enterprise Bank Provide Better Customer Service
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When you think of digital customer service, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind?

For some, the answer might be a client portal where a client can upload documents to their financial institution.

For others, the answer might be along the lines of a mobile banking app that lets customers check balance, deposit checks, and more.

But at the heart of all of those answers, and more, is one thing: Data.

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Without clean, accurate data, none of the rest matters.

So when Enterprise Bank wanted to offer more advanced financial planning services, and improve their digital customer service, they knew they needed to start with one place.

How Enterprise Bank and Wealth Access Made Data Aggregation Simple

Like nearly every financial institution when the COVID-19 pandemic began, Enterprise Bank was forced to move its operations and client interactions online.

But unlike other banks, Enterprise was ready for the move—in large part because it had already done the work to make sure its digital experiences were supported by high-quality client data.

Data aggregation helps Enterprise and its advisors in two primary ways:

Pulling data from multiple sources into a single location makes comprehensive financial planning easier for advisors. Gathering data is often the hardest part of creating a complete plan. When it’s easier for clients to enter their financial information digitally instead of on paper, it’s also easier for advisors to help their clients.

While a financial plan is a larger endeavor, clients also need everyday access to their total financial pictures so they can make decisions with reliable information. By using Wealth Access as its data aggregation engine, Enterprise is able to provide clients with a total balance sheet view that’s up-to-date every time they log into their client portal.

The Value of Data to Financial Planning – 2020 Leadership Series from Wealth Access on Vimeo.

Read the rest of the story. Hear what Stephen Irish, CPA, CFP, Managing Director of Enterprise Wealth Management and Chief Operating Officer of Enterprise Bank has to say about how the firm’s transition strengthened client relationships.


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