Product Update: December 2018

In today’s post, we’re recapping some of the most recent enhancements we’ve made to Wealth Access. We’ll also provide you with a sneak peek of a few enhancements that are in development. 

Please note that the updates below are now LIVE in Wealth Access.



Establishing new direct data feeds is a top priority for Wealth Access. These feeds help to provide a more secure and reliable way to collect client data in bulk for those accounts that you manage or have discretion over as an advisor. Direct data feeds from the following institutions and technology providers are now available:  

  • Broadridge 
  • Charles Schwab 
  • Fidelity
  • First Clearing
  • FIS Global Plus
  • Fi-Tek
  • Investigo
  • Tamarac
  • TD Ameritrade


Advisors now have greater visibility into their client’s activity within the Wealth Access Document Vault. You are able to view real-time information on when a document was uploaded, when it was last opened, and how many total times it has been opened. Access to this information can help you to better manage your client relationships and provide an audit trail for compliance purposes. 

See it yourself:   Advisor Dashboard -> Document Vault -> (select a Client) -> See activity



Do you have a website, blog, or other portals that you frequently direct your clients to? Advisors can now add Quick Links to the side bar of the Wealth Access client portal for a more customized client experience.  Have your clients follow you by highlighting your company social media links as well. 

To add Quick Links:  Advisor Dashboard -> Setup -> Client Portal Configuration -> Quick Links -> Add New

Or:  Firm -> Setup -> Configuration -> Links on Dashboard


Help out your advisors as well by adding Quick Links to the Wealth Access Advisor Portal to make for easy access to other advisor tools such as your CRM or trading platform. 



We understand that every firm is different, including the way you communicate with your clients. Advisors can now customize balance sheet categories and dashboard widget naming to align with your firm’s terminology.  

To customize balance sheet categories:  Advisor Dashboard -> Setup -> Client Portal Configuration -> Balance Sheet Categories 

To customize dashboard and report widget naming:  Advisor Dashboard -> Setup -> Client Portal Configuration -> Dashboard -> Configure Client Dashboard [Computer/Desktop] -> Click on the cog icon next to the widget you want to change 



Wealth Access and MoneyGuidePro have enhanced their integration to include single sign-on, a full data sync, and client-facing presentation widgets. Aggregated client data from Wealth Access flows into MoneyGuidePro, eliminating the need for manual data entry and allowing for more comprehensive planning. Plans are then published directly into your client’s Wealth Access Document Vault for a seamless workflow and the MoneyGuidePro Confidence Meter can be easily placed right into the Wealth Access client portal. Click here to learn more.





If you’re a Wealth Access advisor and want to learn more about any of the enhancements above, click here to get in touch with our Support Team. 



The following enhancements are currently in development:  


Do you have a weekly, monthly, or yearly report you run for your clients? Advisors will now be able schedule reports to automatically run based on a specific frequency. The reports will then be published directly into each client’s Document Vault with an automated e-mail notification informing your client that the report is ready. This feature will also be available for Firm Insight.  


We are excited to announce that we are working on an integration with Informa Performance IQ (fka: Investment Scorecard). Completed investment performance reports produced by Performance IQ will automatically publish to the Wealth Access Document Vault and provide your clients with an e-mail notification that you have published a new document for them to logon and securely access. 


We are constantly looking for ways to improve the way we are aggregating data to ensure the best possible client experience. We are currently implementing new technology that establishes direct API feeds to select financial institutions for more reliable data aggregation. Chase Bank is the first of several financial institution connections that will be undergoing this update over the course of the next few months.  Watch for additional communication on this new capability. 

Don’t currently work with Wealth Access? Click here to contact our team to schedule a personalized demo for your firm.

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