Eliminate Manual Data Input, Save Time, and Create Comprehensive Financial Plans with the Wealth Access and MoneyGuidePro Integration

As a financial advisor, one of the most difficult aspects of your job is effectively managing client attitudes and behavior when financial markets dip.

While some clients may be naturally inclined to not worry, there are always a few that need to be talked off the ledge when they see the Dow decline by a few hundred points in a day.

It’s all part of the job description, but it’s easier to have those conversations when you can point your clients back to a shared agreement that you’ve made that outlines their goals and how they can achieve them. Usually, that comes in the form of a written financial plan.

Through the Wealth Access integration with MoneyGuidePro, you can make those conversations easier to have with a more comprehensive way to create plans that address a client’s full financial picture.

Here’s how integrating MoneyGuidePro and Wealth Access can help create more beneficial conversations and stronger relationships with your clients.

Personal Financial Management Tools Combined with Financial Planning Creates More Engagement

A financial plan, while vital to long-term success for many people, is not going to be something your client checks every day.

Most clients may reference their plan once or twice a year when it’s time for an annual review; some clients may double back to it quarterly, but overall, a financial plan serves as a guiding light and a tentpole that you want them to be aware of and working toward, but not necessarily focused on constantly.

Personal financial management, on the other hand, is a day-to-day activity.

Your clients want to stay on top of their credit card balances, loan amounts, and where their money is going on a daily basis as they spend, save, and go about living their life.

When you combine your PFM and financial planning tools through Wealth Access and MoneyGuidePro, you give clients the best of both with an integrated and complete experience where both approaches can work hand-in-hand.

Combining the held-away data you aggregate through Wealth Access with the financial planning tools available from MoneyGuidePro provides your client with these benefits:

  • Improved communication with you. When your systems are integrated, your clients’ financial information is no longer held in separate silos, each one independent of the other. Instead, their complete financial portfolio is available where your clients want to access it, giving them an easier way to find the information they want so they can more easily communicate with you about their needs.
  • Information is easier to digest. Without integrated systems, it’s easy for clients to become confused if one report has some accounts, and another report doesn’t. An integration that creates more comprehensive plans makes analysis simpler and information becomes easier to read as a result.
  • Anywhere access becomes a reality. The Wealth Access mobile app is built to be a client-first application so it’s easy to use, but also packed with information. Adding plans to the app through MoneyGuidePro allows clients to access all their financial information, in one place, from anywhere.

When your client benefits from increased technology collaboration, there are obviously parallel benefits for you.

Integrated planning systems give you the chance to offer better advice when there is a comprehensive financial view in front of you. No hidden accounts means no knowledge gap when building a plan that accounts for a client’s true net worth.

You also benefit from more efficient workflows when you don’t need to maintain the same data between two different systems.

If you want to share a financial plan between systems, most advisors would need to download the plan from one and then upload it another. If you’re doing that for multiple clients at once, the risk of a manual error—like uploading the wrong plan to the wrong client storage—increases.

You don’t have to worry about that with Wealth Access and MoneyGuidePro. Financial plans created in MoneyGuidePro can sync automatically to the right client in the Wealth Access document vault, creating less work and stress for your team.

A Comprehensive Financial Experience For You and Your Clients

The benefits to your firm and clients from integrating planning systems can be substantial.

Building a comprehensive experience goes much deeper than syncing data from one system to the next. Our MoneyGuidePro integration also embeds some of MoneyGuidePro’s most popular client-facing financial tools in the Wealth Access client portal and mobile app, creating a round-trip integration.

Your clients get the MoneyGuidePro Monte Carlo Confidence Meter accessible from within the Wealth Access Portal, and they also can get one-click single-sign on access to the MoneyGuidePro Play Zone® which allows them to set various parameters to see how financial decisions affect their plan and goals.

Here’s the full feature set of our enhanced integration:

  • Single Sign-On for you and clients between both systems
  • Full Data Sync between both systems
  • Display the MoneyGuidePro Monte Carlo Confidence meter in Wealth Access
  • Send financial plans from MoneyGuidePro to the client’s Wealth Access document vault

With these features, we’ve built out an integration designed from the ground up to serve the needs of busy advisors.

Build Your Technology Stack on Enhanced Integrations

When you are adding technology or even looking at integrations between your existing technology vendors, look for solutions that add real value to your daily workflows.

The MoneyGuidePro and Wealth Access integration saves time, reduces the possibility for error from manual entry, and provides communication benefits to your end clients.

If you are looking for a new tech solution, start by asking about the integration points. Make sure that your partners go deeper than a single-sign on or a closed approach to integration.

We believe in an “open API” approach, which means that we are constantly looking to deepen integrations and will create integrations with any partner that wants to access our platform so long as it enhances the experience for our clients.

As a privately-run company, our priorities can’t be mistaken; our advisors always come first, not outside stakeholders.

If you’re a Wealth Access advisor and want to learn more about this integration, click here to get in touch with your Support team.

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