How the Aggregation of Client Account Data Can Dramatically Alter Your Proposals
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Have you ever thought of booking a beach holiday and then, the very next day, every Google ad you see advertises a beach vacation? You know you didn’t search beach vacations online and you rack your brain as to how Google knows. Before you know it, you’re booking a trip to Cabo San Lucas. How did that happen? It happened due to the powerful combination of data collection, aggregation and marketing. Now, imagine implementing this practice in your business.

Google collects and aggregates data from multiple sources of activity including your search history, GPS, location, email (up until June 2017), Google Books, Google News, applications, and YouTube among other sources. It then uses that information to deliver you targeted ads. The equivalent of this practice in our advisory industry is the aggregation of all client account data, including those assets held and managed by you and those held away, and then using that data to  generate proposals that encompass all assets.

Since 1987, AdvisoryWorld has provided independent financial advisors with leading investment analytics, portfolio modeling, and proposal generation technology. We have continued to innovate and refine our technology to help you succeed in today’s marketplace.  With our Advisor Proposal Generator and new integration with Wealth Access, you can bid on your clients held away accounts with white labeled, customized and automated proposals.

Generating Custom and Targeted Proposals

The AdvisoryWorld Advisor Proposal Generator provides a clear and repeatable process for analyzing investor risk, goals and portfolio performance characteristics, designing and implementing investment strategies, and ultimately generating powerful, white labeled client proposals.

With our new Wealth Access integration, the Advisor Proposal Generator incorporates an unprecedented feature that allows advisors to use their clients’ Wealth Access account data to populate risk profiles, proposals, and Investment Policy Statements (IPS). Additionally, AdvisoryWorld and Wealth Access’ integrations with other leading advisor technology providers, such as Redtail CRM and Orion Advisor, eliminates client record duplication across applications. The full platform integration affords advisors the ability to seamlessly push all AdvisoryWorld produced client-facing documents into the Wealth Access document vault for client transparency and compliance purposes.

The AdvisoryWorld Advisor Proposal Generator is fully customizable – you can adjust logos and branding, modify risk profile questionnaires and scoring, set fee structures, create default models, and much more.

Key functions of the AdvisoryWorld Advisor Proposal Generator include,

  • The Risk Profile. The Proposal Generator electronically delivers a fully customizable Risk Profile Questionnaire to your prospect, and then, uses the gathered data to establish and ultimately illustrate a lasting Investment Objective for your proposal and future client interactions. The risk assessment process is not generic; it specifies quantitatively how much risk the investor is willing to take in loss of principal for a certain period of time. In addition, the Proposal Generator permits the advisor and client to modify the investment objective to adjust for a willingness to accept less or more risk (e.g. risk capacity) in the context of goals.

  • Financial Objectives. The Proposal Generator helps you to establish financial objectives and incorporates said goals into the final proposal with Monte Carlo simulation.
  • Current Investment Analysis. The Proposal Generator allows you to import your prospects’ current positions from Wealth Access, Orion and 3rd party platforms, and then, review the performance and diversification metrics of existing positions as compared to investment objectives and proposed allocations.
  • Recommended Allocation of Assets. The tool allows firms and advisors to establish pre-defined model allocations and also suggests optimal asset allocations that lay on the efficient frontier for the advisor’s clients and prospects based upon their calculated risk tolerance.
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    Recommended and Current Portfolio Side-by-Side Analysis. The Advisor Proposal Generator compares diversification metrics, such as industry exposure and style analysis, and contrasts trailing returns & MPT Statistics for the recommended allocation vs. the individual’s current portfolio in graphical and tabular form.

  • Customized Proposal. The tool ultimately generates a customized proposal and investment policy statement, both of which overlay the user’s color scheme and branding parameters. It also creates an About Page where users can include background information on their firm and descriptions of their approach to financial advisement.


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