February 2020 Wealth Access Release Notes
release notes
Wealth Access continues to make investments in the development and extension of your mobile/digital client experience and the advisor and firm tools that help drive insights and efficiencies in your organization.

This release will automatically take place on Thursday, February 13th. Please note that several of these enhancements are configurable and will not alter your current configuration until you decide to enable them.

Product Updates

Advisor Updates

Client’s “My Financial Team”

The Advisor experience has been enhanced to allow advisors the ability to view the client’s “My Financial Team” page. By default, this page will now appear for advisors when the advisor is viewing a client’s portal page. When viewing this page, the advisor will be able to add and edit additional team members associated with the client’s financial team. Firm administrators do have the ability to turn off this page for all advisors if needed.

Editing Transactions of Managed Accounts

Wealth Access is focused on ensuring a high level of data integrity across the entire end client digital experience. As part of our continued efforts in this area, we have added a new configuration setting, at the firm administrator level, to restrict the ability for clients to edit transactions of accounts that were set up by the advisor or the firm. If there is a perceived discrepancy in a certain transaction for a managed account, we encourage clients to reach out to their financial professional to review, and pursue a resolution in the source system.

New Partner Integrations

ONESOURCE Integration

We are excited to announce integration with ONESOURCE, a leading provider for tax, accounting, and research solutions for corporations. To allow our client firms to deliver a high level of client satisfaction, we have established direct integration to ONESOURCE to facilitate the automatic delivery and uploading of tax documents to a client’s document vault.


To learn more about the ONESOURCE integration and the opportunity to be an early adopter, please reach out to your ONESOURCE and Wealth Access account managers.

Coming Soon 

Wealth Access Insights

Throughout 2020, we will be enabling enhanced insights for firm administrators and advisors to allow them to better understand risks, trends, and opportunities across their client bases. By applying business intelligence techniques across clients’ account data, login activity, and profile information, users will be able to proactively respond and take action to deliver a higher level of client satisfaction and to move additional assets from held-away to managed.

In this release, we have started building the foundational components that will drive our insights engine and support the roadmap for Wealth Access Insights into the future.

More Insights


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