August 2019 Wealth Access Release Notes
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Wealth Access continues to make investments in the development and extension of your mobile/digital client experience and the advisor and firm tools that can help to drive insights and efficiencies in your organization. This release will automatically take place on Thursday, August 15. Please note that several of these enhancements are configurable and will not alter your current configuration until you decide to enable them.

Product Updates

Client Reporting

Diversification Targets

The Wealth Access client experience has allowed advisors to establish and display optimal target portfolio diversification levels by client and provide an assessment of the current actual diversification versus that target directly as a Dashboard widget and in the detailed Portfolio Diversification view. With this release that display is enhanced to provide a more effective visual with the details at the major classification levels more readily apparent. In addition, Advisors can now establish a tolerance range for each diversification category which is also exposed as part of the client presentation. This change effects all clients utilizing the target diversification views without any additional configuration required upon release.

Advisor Updates

Broadcast Messaging

For client firms with multiple Advisors, the Wealth Access Advisor portal can now be used to broadcast important messages firm wide. Individual Advisors will see the broadcast message upon login and can choose to retain or hide the message at any time. In addition, both the Advisor-level broadcast message and the previously available Client-level broadcast message capability has been enhanced to allow firm administrators to establish specific schedules for each broadcast message.

Advisor Dashboard Configuration

Firms can now extend greater control over their specific Advisor experience with administrator configuration controls for the selection of Advisor Dashboard widgets and right side panel elements that are displayed on the Advisor Dashboard. / Investor communications is a critical component of the overall client experience and Wealth Access provides several tools to aide in this communication. Advisors now have the ability to configure system-wide notifications for banner display in the Client portal.

Administrative Controls

Wealth Access has added several additional Administrative controls that allow firms to enable/disable Advisors, Team Members, or Clients directly within the tool without the need to engage the Wealth Access Support group. This provides an improved level of compliance responsiveness and control for properly authorized Administrative users within each client firm.


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