April 2020 Wealth Access Release – Security Enhancements

Wealth Access continues to make investments in the development and extension of your mobile/digital client experience and the advisor and firm tools that help drive insights and efficiencies in your organization.

As part of the upcoming April Release on Thursday, April 16th, we are enhancing our user-directed Reset Password functionality with additional security measures.

Security Updates

Reset Password

Today, the client experience allows users to reset passwords through either answering pre-defined Security Questions (ex. Who is your favorite author?) or by contacting the Wealth Access Client Success team.

We are enhancing this experience by adding additional secured options to allow users to verify a Reset Password request with a security code received through a mobile phone SMS text message or by entering their verification pin.

This enhancement will reduce the amount of locked out users and present a more efficient way of resetting a password in a manner that is common across other web applications. 

New Option: Entering your verification pin

As a reminder, the verification pin is used by users to authenticate themselves when they call into our Client Success Team support line.

With this enhancement, users now have the option to use the verification pin during the password reset process. After entering the verification pin correctly into the Reset Password screen, the user can continue through the reset password process.

New Option: Getting a code sent to your mobile phone

When resetting a password, the user now also has the option of having a secure code sent directly to his or her previously authorized mobile phone. After receiving the code and entering the code correctly into the Reset Password screen, the user can proceed through the reset password process. 

Once the verification pin or security code is correctly entered, the reset password process continues and the user receives an email with the standard change password instructions. This email will contain any branding that you have previously established.

User Security Check-in

To help make sure our user’s security information is up-to-date, we are adding a new process where we will prompt all users to confirm or enter information related to the security settings for challenge questions, verification pin, and mobile phone number. The verification pin and mobile phone number settings remain optional although we strongly encourage all users to update these settings to enhance the security of their information.

IMPORTANT: Upon the first login to Wealth Access after the April release, all users will be prompted with this screen. You may notify your clients (through our Broadcast Messaging capability) in advance that this is a legitimate security request to set their expectations.

Moving forward, all users that have entered the information will be prompted every 4 months to confirm or update their information. If users have not entered either their phone number or verification pin, they will be prompted every 2 months.

This information can always be viewed and updated under User Settings in the site.

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