Announcing our New Business Intelligence Solution for Financial Advisors, Firm Insight

All of us here at Wealth Access are pleased to announce the release of our newest solution for financial advisors, Firm Insight.

Firm Insight is our business intelligence solution. You’ve likely heard the term “business intelligence” tossed around over the past few months in industry publications or the news, but you may not be sure how it helps your firm. Today, I want to help you see the benefits of Firm Insight.

Firm Insight provides top-down information to help your firm make more informed business decisions. We give you easy access to all the information you store in Wealth Access so you have the data necessary to chart the right course for your business.

Information you can easily find includes:

  • Easy identification of new business opportunities
  • Views into advisor productivity and client satisfaction.
  • Real time business information
  • How your firm is performing
  • How productive your advisors are

We believe that when you have all your firm’s data at your fingertips and you can analyze it with a few clicks of a mouse, you can set yourself up for more accurate business growth.

Ideally, the demographic information you see or the level of advisor productivity you discover will help lead you to identify new business opportunities, either because you can quickly see where you’re falling short or far exceeding expectations.

Schedule a call with our team today to get a live demo and see what Firm Insight can do to transform the way you plan for growth.

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