AdvisoryWorld and Wealth Access Announce Data Integration at Schwab IMPACT

AdvisoryWorld, a leading software provider for financial advisors, today announced its data integration with Wealth Access, the industry’s largest independent personal financial management and account aggregation platform. Wealth Access and AdvisoryWorld will be demoing this new integration from their Schwab IMPACT 2017 kiosks and will also be hosting joint webinars on Tuesday, November 28th at 4pm ET, click here to register, and on Thursday, November 30th at 4pm ET, click here to register. An advanced, full platform integration will launch in the first quarter of 2018.

This new integration allows advisors to use their Wealth Access client account data to populate risk profiles, proposals, and Investment Policy Statements (IPS) via the AdvisoryWorld Proposal Generator. The Proposal Generator provides advisors with an intuitive and repeatable process for analyzing investor risk and portfolio performance characteristics, designing and implementing investment strategies, and ultimately generating powerful, white-labeled client-facing documents. Furthermore, AdvisoryWorld and Wealth Access’ integrations with other leading advisor technology providers, such as Redtail CRM, eliminates client record duplication across applications. The Q1 2018 full platform integration will see these client-facing documents seamlessly imported into the Wealth Access document vault for client transparency and compliance purposes.

“At Wealth Access, we have pioneered an aggregator of aggregators technology approach, providing advisors visual-aggregated displays of their clients’ entire financial situations through links to over 20,000 institutions via multi-tiered data sources,” said David Benskin, CEO of Wealth Access. “This powerful combination of data quality, accessibility and integration creates many efficiencies for advisors as well as enhances their client experience delivery. Now, with our integration with AdvisoryWorld, Wealth Access clients can save time and effort in creating white-labeled and powerful proposals on all their clients’ data, managed and held-away, while satisfying their compliance demands.”

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