Wealth Access Now Reports on over $100 Billion; Experiencing Strong Business Results

Wealth Access, the industry’s largest independent personal financial management and account aggregation platform, announced today the results from the company’s calendar year ended 2017, including the news that the firms’ reported on assets now surpass the $100 billion milestone.

Assets on the platform now total over $100 billion, a 140% increase over the previous year, representing a total of 44,000 end-investor accounts, a 175% annual increase. Wealth Access now serves 215 firms in the broker dealer, bank, trust, RIA and family office channels, an impressive 65% grow rate. These powerful growth statistics are powering Wealth Access’s revenues, which increased 114% during the same time period.

“Investors today are demanding a much more rich and interactive online experience from their financial services provider than they ever have before,” said David Benskin, CEO of Wealth Access. “We call it the ‘Amazon-effect’ and it is transforming how wealth management is being delivered. In order to compete in this new environment, leading advisors and their affiliated organizations are rapidly seeking out best in breed applications and platforms such as Wealth Access to provide that heightened digital client experience.”

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