Wealth Access Nominated 4x in the 2022 Wealthies Awards
2022 wealthies awards

Wealth Access is proud to announce we were are a finalist for four Wealthie awards in three categories:

  • Disruptors: Commercial Banking Digital Experience
  • Chief Executive Officer of the Year: David Benskin
  • Innovation New Applications: Small & Medium Business Owner Digital Experience
  • Client Portals: Comprehensive Wealth Experience Client Portal 

We have to say a big “thank you” to all of our clients and our team of specialists who made these nominations a reality – we look forward to celebrating with you at the awards ceremony in September!

As innovators in the financial services industry, we’re always on the lookout for new and exciting ways to change the game. A great way to encourage and recognize that innovation is through the Wealthies. 

The Wealthies are WealthManagement.com‘s annual awards programs. These prestigious awards seek to honor individuals, organizations and companies that help financial advisors build better businesses and create better outcomes for their clients. 

The Wealthies feature dozens of categories from tech to marketing and everything in between, allowing industry standouts an opportunity to shine in their areas of expertise. 

The 2022 Wealthies

In this eighth annual installment of the Wealthies, WealthManagement.com saw a record-breaking number of nominations from more than 350 companies. The nearly 1,000 nominees resulted in 225 organizations and/or finalists selected across the categories. 

The panel of 13 judges will choose winners from each category, culminating in an awards event to take place in New York City on September 8, 2022. Viewers will also be able to tune into the Awards via a virtual broadcast of the event. 

The 2022 judges include:

  • David Armstrong, Executive Director Content and User Engagement WealthManagement.com
  • Toussaint Bailey, Founder and CEO of Uplifting Capital
  • T. Neil Bathon, Managing Partner at FUSE Research Network LLC
  • Darrin Courtney, CFP, VP Analyst at Gartner
  • Amy Flourry, Principal at Rehmann
  • Greg Friedman, CEO, Co-Founder at Private Ocean Wealth Management
  • Doug Fritz, Co-Founder and CEO of F2 Strategy
  • Kate Healy, Brand Builder/NextGen Advocate and Board Chair, Foundation for Financial Planning
  • Julie Littlechild, Founder and CEO of Absolute Engagement
  • Tom Lydon, Editor & Publisher at ETF Trends
  • Matt Lynch, Managing Partner at Strategy & Resources, LLC
  • Tina Powell, CEO of C-Suite Social Media
  • Scott Smith, Director, at Cerulli Associates

Program consultant Timothy D. Welsh, CFP (President, CEO and Founder at Nexus Strategy, LLC) will also be assisting in the finalist selection process. 

Wealth Access Nominations

We are honored and humbled to be recognized as finalists by such a distinguished group of industry leaders. We are also grateful to each member of the Wealth Access team for their hard work and dedication toward making these nominations a reality. 

Commercial Banking Digital Experience

By providing a digital experience for Commercial Banking, the Wealth Access platform puts wealth managers in the driver’s seat of customer relationships. We unify all data within an organization, across business lines, and enable wealth managers to help small businesses consolidate their financials into a single view, and move onto higher-value activities like exit and estate planning.

The primary goal of the Commercial Banking initiative is to help regional and super-regional banks enhance customer service by cross-selling multiple business lines. By giving banks the tools they need to create comprehensive financial statements for business owner clients, they can increase collaboration between their clients and their teams.

With unified data across business lines, business bankers and wealth managers in an institution can take advantage of their data to make more proactive decisions about how to engage and interact with clients. 

The Results

Wealth Access now works with 35 banks in the United States, representing $571 billion in wealth under administration.

These banks are now able to easily customize analytics across their entire organization’s business lines with the reports and business intelligence tools that the Commercial Banking platform makes available. 

By viewing the customer journey throughout their firm, and across the different ways a consumer may interact with their bank, each bank can now plan more carefully and thoughtfully for how to effectively serve their customers each step of the way and proactively offer the right services for their unique needs.

Small & Medium Business Owner Digital Experience

Through our Customer Data Unification Platform, we ensure that any account information collected can be presented throughout the customer’s omnichannel, digital experience.

Our SMB Business Owner Digital Experience allows enterprise firms to represent complete, enriched financial views for customers and prospects across retail, wealth, business and even external accounts – all within a singular digital banking experience.

Small to midsize business owners are some of the most important customers for regional and super-regional banks because of the scope of engagement they may need. The goal of this initiative is to deliver banks the necessary technological foundation they need to provide those SMB business owner customers with a singular digital experience that encompasses all the ways they currently interact with their bank, or may in the future.

This means unifying a bank organization’s data engine to deliver a unified balance sheet view showing assets across retail, business, and external aggregated accounts in a unified client portal.

The Results

With over 30 million business owners in the US, business banking is a highly desirable client segment for banks. This segment brings high income, sizable portfolio opportunities for wealth advisors to manage and grow AUM, with future opportunities centered on liquidity events as businesses are transitioned to new owners.

Internal referrals within banks represent the most significant growth opportunity for wealth management.

Using our Customer Data Platform to unify and enrich customer data, we have been able to onboard 35 banks serving $571 billion in wealth onto the Wealth Access platform.

Comprehensive Wealth Experience Client Portal

Our enhanced client portal creates a digital destination for banking clients with a fully mobile, branded experience that unifies all of a client’s data into a single environment. Clients receive personalized experiences that provide access to the information they need to complete tasks, and they can interact with their financial institution seamlessly in a single portal login.

Our Client Portal update had three goals: 1) Simplify external account linking for end customers, 2) improve the complete balance sheet view, and 3) present wealth management organizations with the ability to unify data across their organization behind a single login.

The Client Portal enhancement accomplishes all of these goals, and does it all by giving each wealth management institution a white-label digital experience for clients that keeps their firm and brand front and center for each of their clients. 

The Results

To date, there are 200 firms who use the Wealth Access Client Portal or APIs that track and manage over $571 billion in wealth through Wealth Access.

Using our connections to over 20,000 financial institutions, those investors can connect any number of external accounts – which they can now maintain more easily through our new Open Banking API protocol.


David Benskin, as founder and CEO of Wealth Access, has guided the company since day one. As an efficient multi-tasker, he is involved in running the business. David’s focus has always been on engaging daily with his team and customers to build a product that benefits everyone’s deepest needs.

His role is also to push the mission of Wealth Access forward. He is the leader of the firm’s key sales relationships in tandem with the sales team, and he also is instrumental in leading the firm’s developmental roadmap.

David represents Wealth Access as its key spokesperson in media and communications with clients. 

The Results

In the last year, Wealth Access has enjoyed a 55% CAGR and now boasts a greater than 90% user adoption rate among its client base for its technology platform. In addition, over 350% more investors use the Wealth Access Client Portal than they did one year ago.

David’s innovative leadership has resulted in the creation of two unique Fintech categories. When he launched Wealth Access, it established the category of Personal Financial Management tools built specifically for advisors. Through the PFM model, advisors accessed a consumer-grade Client Portal and data aggregation tools to more than 20,000 financial institutions.

Now, he has grown Wealth Access into a Customer Data Insights Platform. Much more than a data lake, Wealth Access unifies but also enriches data for its clients to give them a singular digital experience for all the data they carry in various apps, systems, and external locations.

See Our Award-Worthy Software in Action

Wealth Access is proud to provide top-tier insights and unified customer data to all our customers. Click here to learn more about Wealth Access or to schedule your free demo today. 


Image source: https://www.wealthmanagement.com/industry/wealthmanagementcom-announces-2022-wealthies-finalists

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