Wealth Access Rockets to $571 Billion on its Platform
Wealth Access

The category-defining Wealth Access announces record-breaking growth and several milestones as its core business reaches 55% compound annual growth and $571 billion wealth under management, providing actionable insights to more than 200 innovative financial services firms.

Wealth Access, a Customer Data Insights platform that enriches and unifies data to power hyper-personalized client experiences, today announced that wealth on its platform had increased to more than $571 billion across the more than 200 banks, trust companies, and wealth management firms it serves. The company enjoyed its strongest growth, with 55% compound annual growth and over 90% user adoption rate. 

In part, the company’s growth can be attributed to the many banks who have decided to embrace digital transformation and unify their data from various internal and external systems into Wealth Access’ single software experience for both internal employees and customers.

Founded in 2011, Wealth Access has been focused on delivering deep, data-driven insights to its clients since day one. Its initial focus on providing a multiple-custodian solution for RIAs has since blossomed to power the growth of 33 banks with multiple business lines including Wealth Management, Business and Consumer Banking, as well as some of the nation’s largest independent advisory firms. 

“For some time now, we’ve been significantly expanding the scope of solutions we offer to financial institutions,” said David Benskin, founder and CEO of Wealth Access. “What started as white-label personal financial management tools and data aggregation quickly grew to include comprehensive data unification systems to enable our clients to provide advice to all of their clients.”

“While we’ve significantly expanded our role within an organization’s technology stack, what will never change is our commitment to partnering with RIAs, banks, trust companies, and broker-dealer firms to integrate their systems and help them make data-informed business decisions and create unique digital experiences for all clients.”

Wealth Access’ leadership recognized how rare it is today for financial institutions to get the most out of their firm’s data, due to it being stored across a variety of both external sources as well as proprietary internal tools. As a customer data enrichment and unification platform, Wealth Access solves some of the most common operational growth challenges firms experience:

  • Provides advisory and banking teams with an intelligent analytics engine that rationalizes and enriches raw data to create actionable insights which lead to proactive advice for clients.
  • Unifies systems to put all an organization’s data in one place, so every piece of data is visualized and accessible with just a few clicks.
  • Brings business lines and departments within an organization together through the standardization of customer data across applications.
  • Enables banks and wealth management firms to deliver digital experiences to their customers on par with the best consumer-facing fintech.
  • Creates friction-free, intuitive user journeys for everyone with a role-based experience tailored to each financial professional and client you serve.
  • Sits on top of existing systems and current books and records to create a more connected and efficient technology experience for enterprise operations.

“Wealth Access’ unique enterprise technology solutions and its seasoned fintech leadership team solves a huge problem for financial services,” said Alvi Abuaf, Member of the Wealth Access Board of Directors. “Wealth Access gives enterprises the profound insights required to drive adoption and engagement and create the kind of hyper-personalized experiences that turn customers into loyal fans.”

Wealth Access is excited to launch a new website at wealthaccess.com, with new pages specifically detailing its ability to support multi-channel communication throughout wealth management, consumer banking, and business banking clients.

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