Wealth Access Annual Nashville Summit Gathers 30+ Banks to Host Peer Discussions On Driving Engagement Through Technology

Wealth Access Annual Nashville Summit Gathers 30+ Banks to Host Peer Discussions On Driving Engagement Through Technology

Customer data insights provider invited 30+ banks and wealth management firms to encourage peer-to-peer dialogues around data-driven engagement

Wealth Access, the leading customer data insights platform that unifies and enriches data to power hyper-personalized experiences for financial institutions, today announced the findings of its annual 2023 Wealth Access Summit. This year, the event was attended by more than 30 industry leaders from a few of the nation’s largest regional and super-regional banks and wealth management firms, including high-asset organizations such as First Citizens Bank, Baird Trust and BOK Financial, among others.

The Wealth Access Summit is an annual conference centered on the topics of growth and innovation. Participants of the Summit represent a wide range of leaders in the financial space, including, but not limited to, banking and wealth management. This event gathers participants to encourage productive conversations on subjects such as leveraging data and technology to more effectively engage clients, delivering digital experiences to ensure staff and customer satisfaction, evolving innovation at the enterprise level and revenue growth strategies.

Peer-to-peer discussions held during the Summit were led by Doug Fritz and Scott Lamont of F2 Strategy, an operations and technology consulting firm to the wealth management industry. This event offered attendees dynamic opportunities to gain perspective on the experiences of other high-banking organizations and connect with peers on how technology is driving their digital transformation strategies, revenue goals, client engagement and loyalty, etc.

This year’s Summit focuses on driving engagement through technology and leveraging data to power hyper-personalized client experiences. A key theme of the 2023 Summit discussions was the value of each bank and wealth management firm proactively evolving to effectively capture and engage with the next generations of clients and financial advisors. Several institutions noted facing challenges with addressing the shifting age within the industry workforce, as well as changing expectations of younger generations for their financial experience.

“We’re honored to once again have the opportunity to bring together several industry-leading banks that are paving the way for greater innovation and digital transformation,” said David Benskin, founder and CEO of Wealth Access. “By holding this constructive industry event, our aim is to empower our attendees to learn new insights that will benefit their digital strategies, engage with like-minded peers they haven’t met before and gain a meaningful experience that inspires them to join us once again next year to continue valuably investing their time.”

In addition to open discussions on leveraging data-driven insights to build relationships with rising generations, another major theme of the Summit was each bank’s approach to increasing client adoption of the Wealth Access platform by prioritizing the advisor experience to empower intuitive customer engagement.

The Wealth Access platform unifies financial institution records across multiple systems into a comprehensive dashboard where users can easily share documents, link external accounts and communicate with bankers and advisors in one place through a wide variety of channels. Leveraging the platform, service teams can work across commercial, business, and personal banking lines to gain a full view of clients’ financial data, while improving customer engagement through meaningful insights and right-timed recommendations.

Comments on the News

Michael Wilson, Managing Director of Wealth Management, First Citizens Bank, said, “The Wealth Access platform offers a seamless client display without borders. Ideally, our team aims to have the ability to access all of our client information as needed in an optimized structure for our needs without facing friction. Listening to the other leaders included in this forum openly address the challenges we all face has led to discussions on the inhibitors to creating an omnichannel experience. What Wealth Access offers is a true unified interface that doesn’t disrupt books and records, creating a frictionless environment for the end consumer.”

“Attending the Wealth Access Summit has been an incredible opportunity for our team to meet and learn from a few of our peers within the industry. We’ve garnered several valuable insights from listening to the Summit discussions that will help us optimize our client strategy and consider ways to improve our internal processes moving forward,” said Sean McCabe, Principal Platform Engineer of Fifth Third Bank.

“Within the digital environment we’re living in today, everyone wants to leverage technology as much as possible. However, it’s becoming clear that many of our clients still want and need personable human interactions. Working to balance those elements seems to be an emerging barrier to strong client engagement for our organization and peer institutions. As we begin returning to the office and resuming these hands-on interactions, data-driven technology will play a crucial role in powering more meaningful conversations with each of our clients,” said Tori Phillips, Senior Manager, Digital Products & Strategy of BOK Financial.

“The Wealth Access Summit has led to fantastic open dialogues with industry peers. Our discussions have largely centered around client experience and where there are opportunities for improvement and implementing greater efficiency,” said Keith Davis, Executive Director, Trust and Investment Services, Pinnacle Financial Partners. “This experience has provided great value and allowed me to learn more about peer perspectives. I am pleased to have the opportunity to be part of this forward-thinking forum of industry leaders.”

About Wealth Access

Wealth Access is an enterprise customer data insights platform that works with financial services’ existing books and records to enrich and unify data, generating deep insights that power hyper-personalized banking experiences. By intelligently unifying records across multiple systems, Wealth Access creates living balance sheets that enable service teams to see each client’s complete financial story and work across business lines to improve customer loyalty and drive higher revenue. As a result of its innovative enterprise-class solutions, Wealth Access today supports more than 200 customers with over $571 billion in assets on the company’s platform, including several of the largest banks in America.

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