How the New Wealth Access Integration with AdvisoryWorld Helps Grow Your Firm with More Intelligent Client Proposals

Across the country, many advisors start off client relationships without all the information they need to create a comprehensive and successful financial plan for their clients. Without held-away assets as part of the initial proposal, your advisory firm is starting without some of the critical information necessary to offer a client the best possible advice.

Last week at Schwab IMPACT 2017, we announced a brand new data integration with AdvisoryWorld.

AdvisoryWorld provides investment analytics, portfolio modeling, and proposal generation technology. The integration of the client data you keep with Wealth Access into AdvisoryWorld for its proposal system is a natural and needed fit for financial advisors everywhere.

Why Adding Held-Away Assets to Proposals is Important

Advisory firms spend far too much time researching how to integrate data from one technology system to the next, and they spend even more time setting up those integrations when they find the ones they want. Firms need seamless integration as much as they need a simple way to grow their business. The two often go hand in hand.

Our new integration with AdvisoryWorld gives advisors a quick way to engage prospects by getting the right data into the right places from the start of a relationship.

Adding held-away assets to a proposal creates a comprehensive client experience. There’s no true “easy button” you can press to grow your business, but generating proposals with accurate total balance sheet data is a game-changer for advisory firms. You no longer need to begin relationships unsure of a client’s complete financial standing, and you can be sure you are giving the best recommendations possible when you have the full data available.

How to Enable the Wealth Access integration with AdvisoryWorld

If you’re already a user of both AdvisoryWorld and Wealth Access, the process to sync up your systems is simple. Once you log into Wealth Access, you will generate a token in your integration settings, and then take that token and plug it into AdvisoryWorld.

From there on, we’ll sync our Total Balance Sheet data so you can use it in the AdvisoryWorld platform. Specifically, these are the integration points:

  • Households
  • Asset Holdings
  • Positions

Enhanced Integration Coming Soon

We’ve only just announced the new integration with AdvisoryWorld, but we’re already hard at work making it better.

In early 2018, you’ll enjoy a two-way single-sign on experience. Not only will Wealth Access data flow over to AdvisoryWorld, but any documents you have stored in AdvisoryWorld will then also pull through to Wealth Access. The proposals you generate, and all the other records you store, will be there right in your Wealth Access vault attached on the appropriate client record.

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