EPISODE 122: The First Bankadelic Independence Day Fireworks Extraganza
Wealth Access

Bankadelic, July 4, 2023

It’s Stars and Stripes and Fintech forever on this first-ever Independence Day special episode of Bankadelic. Our seven stars (and stripes) discuss a variety of topics riffing on the themes of freedom and “a more perfect union” — an engaging, wide-ranging chat that embraces topics from artificial intelligence to customer engagement and much, much more…. Our signers of the Declaration:

Stephen Baker, CEO, Kinective
David Benskin, CEO, Wealth Access
Paul Davis, Director of Market Intelligence, SRM
Liz Flowers, Head of Client Success, Lenders Cooperative
Lisa Gold Schier, Co-founder & Chief Strategy Officer at ASA
Barry Kirby, CRO, Union Credit
Lee Long, Chief Experience Officer, HC3

Listen to David’s Full Interview at soundcloud.com/bankadelic

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