Elevate Your Client Insights with Wealth Access for Salesforce
Wealth Access for Salesforce

More than 150,000 businesses use Salesforce as their CRM to power their operations, customer journeys, and sales and marketing teams. 

As part of our commitment to supporting the financial services firms who are among those 150,000 businesses, we’ve launched Wealth Access for Financial Services Cloud. 

With this new AppExchange app, your firm can streamline the way your team members work internally and interact with clients by having complete, client financial views across your consumer, wealth, and commercial business lines. 


A Look at Wealth Access for Financial Services Cloud

Through this updated integration, you can enhance your financial professional experience in Salesforce by delivering transparent views into the financial balance sheets of clients and prospects.

Once enabled, Wealth Access data flows seamlessly into Salesforce Financial Services Cloud, allowing financial data records—including Accounts, Positions, and Transactions—to be represented at the household level. 

The integration uses direct data connections to your accounting systems and custodians, as well as held-away account aggregation, to provide complete financial balance sheet views within Salesforce so your team can access all the information they need about a client household in one location.

Wealth Access for Salesforce Lightning

3 Ways Wealth Access for Salesforce Improves Financial Experiences

The average enterprise organization uses about 288 different apps—so it’s obviously an important step to consolidate data into the core CRM system used by your firm. 

Consolidating workflows and lessening the need to switch from app to app is only one benefit of Wealth Access for Salesforce, though. Here are the top three ways that Wealth Access for Salesforce improves the experiences of your team and the customers you support. 

  • Normalize Your Data
    Through direct connections and held-away aggregation, Wealth Access connects with source systems and applications to unify financial information across business divisions. As data is unified, that data is then normalized by identifying a common household and client identifier—and then linking that identifier to the corresponding record in Salesforce. Through this process, data across systems is brought together and able to live coherently to create complete, comprehensive views into a household’s finances.
  • Configure Unique Client Experiences
    The data may live in Salesforce, but it doesn’t have to stay there. Firms can create a differentiating client experience by enabling the Wealth Access Client Portal for all its customers. The client experience can be configured according to each firm’s needs and what a customer needs to access, putting the digital banking experience on par with the best consumer-facing financial experiences.Wealth Access mobile app
  • Enhance Analytics Reporting with Artificial Intelligence from Tableau
    After unifying and normalizing data through Wealth Access, everything from Salesforce can be incorporated into other analytics engines—like Tableau—to generate even deeper insights that can lead to better client support with more informed conversations. Tableau leverages artificial intelligence to generate not only business analysis but predictive models that can guide and accelerate decision making. 


How to Enable Wealth Access for Salesforce Financial Services Cloud

Ready to get started? Enabling Wealth Access for your Salesforce environment couldn’t be easier.

Click here to view the AppExchange listing and then click the green Get It Now button and we’ll reach out to get the process started. All you need is an existing Wealth Access account to begin.


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