Capital Asset Advisory Services Selects Wealth Access to Unify Its Client Experience
unify client experience

Independent wealth management company with over 50 locations across the country completes onboarding to the financial services industry’s leading personal financial management solution.

NASHVILLE, TENN. January 28, 2020

Wealth Access, the industry’s largest independent personal financial management and account aggregation platform, will support the client service and data aggregation needs for Capital Asset Advisory Services, an independent wealth management group headquartered in Williamston, Michigan, and managing over $2 billion in client assets.

Capital Asset Advisory Services chose Wealth Access for its custom development capabilities, the consistency offered by its white-labeled online portal and mobile app, and its ability to aggregate held-away assets form almost anywhere.

As part of its custom development for CG Financial, Wealth Access has created a comprehensive integration with Envestnet and MoneyGuidePro, which automates post-reconciled performance returns and financial plans into the Wealth Access advisor and client portals.

“We chose to work with Wealth Access because they were the only technology platform we could find who could give us the scope necessary to efficiently service other advisors through our TAMP,” said Anthony J. Mazzali, Capital Asset Advisory Services’ Managing Partner and CEO. “The consistency in the client experience was critical so our team did not need to support different technologies for different firms across our enterprise.”

In addition to custom development, the data aggregation features of Wealth Access also played an important role in bringing Capital Asset Advisory Services onboard. By providing a portal that displays all of a client’s assets, liabilities, net worth, cash flow spending, balance sheet, as well as data from Capital Asset Advisory Services’ performance and financial planning platforms via integrations, Wealth Access provides a way to bridge the gap between performance and planning.

“The team at Capital Asset Advisory Services is the model for how independent firms can use Wealth Access to unify their client experience across their business,” said David Benskin. “By providing a single portal with all of a client’s personal financial data, advisors can give better advice and deeper insights because they are spending their time with the client instead of searching for information. I’m excited to continue working together to enhance the Wealth Access platform for our valued clients.”

About Wealth Access
Wealth Access is an innovative wealth management technology firm that provides reporting solutions for the high net worth advisor and investor community. Its proprietary and diagnostic cloud-based platform aggregates information from more than 20,000 financial services institutions and various holdings to deliver an aggregated view, allowing for better decision support in investments, tax planning, insurance and other complex situations faced by high net worth individuals. Founded by a former Merrill Lynch high-net-worth advisor, Wealth Access provides a complete platform for advisors to collaborate with other professionals and position themselves central to their clients’ lives. Headquartered in Nashville, TN, Wealth Access is backed by successful investors and notable wealth management technology platforms. For more information, please log on to
About Capital Asset Advisory Services
Capital Asset Advisory Services, LLC (“CAAS”) is an independent Registered Investment Advisor that utilizes the industries latest technological tools to provide a premier financial planning experience.  CAAS has over 75 Investment Advisor Representatives spread out across the country, which focus on financial planning, tax planning, wealth management, and retirement plan services.  Founded by Anthony Mazzali, this group combines years of professional experience to create a customized client experience using collaboration from accomplished personnel from their network of IARs.

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