“Wealth Access provides the most powerful aggregation tool I have found out there and will be a tremendous help in facilitating our financial planning process.”

“Wealth Access is a great addition to our suite of wealth management solutions. It allows us to shift resources away from information gathering and towards more collaboration with our clients and their networks of advisors, resulting in a measurable impact on the quality of service we provide.”

“It was so much easier than I imagined. All we had to do was gather a list of the clients and the folks at Wealth Access linked them all for us. It was a true delight.”

“We know from talking with our clients that while not all of them have embraced new technology, there is a strong and growing group that looks to technology to help them manage their finances.”

“Having a compelling, fully functional client portal with account aggregation is table stakes, these days.”

“Enhancing the client experience is paramount here at NEPWA,” said Rapaport. “Wealth Access is a great combination of technology and service that enables us to continue to deliver on that promise to our clients.”

“Wealth Access is the ideal solution for us and our clients. Particularly as we are strategically moving all of our technology into the cloud and facilitating mobile friendly capabilities.”

“What makes it even better is that Wealth Access is truly a partner to us – not just a vendor.”

“Advisors owe it to themselves, their businesses and their clients to learn more about how account aggregation can be a critical component of their technology stack that will help them meet their long-term goals.”