Advisor Solutions

Go mobile and create a digital client experience that propels your firm to the forefront of online interaction. Wealth Access’ solutions for advisors helps you tell your clients a complete wealth story with 100% transparency.



Client Portal

Offer your clients easy-to-use, robust technology that you can set up quickly so you spend your time working in your business and not on technology issues.

Our Client Portal features drag-and-drop functionality with advanced views into total wealth, a complete balance sheet view, cash flows, asset allocations, and more. When you set up a Wealth Access client portal, you give clients choice. Set up customizable report generation, document vaults, and critical alerts to make your communication with clients stronger than ever.

Best of all, the Client Portal is custom-branded to your firm so the look and feel is uniquely you.


Mobile App

Your Wealth Access mobile app is customized to you, giving you and your clients an optimal experience right in the palm of your hand. All the aggregated assets and complete financial views your clients enjoy in your Client Portal are available to them on the go through your mobile app. We create and deploy your app on the Apple App Store and Google Play store.


“Wealth Access’ aggregated data feeds from multiple systems and over 20,000 institutions solved our manual ‘one off’ problem. Along with the stability of a committed organization with wealth management industry experience that had the ability to integrate tightly into Savant’s proprietary client portal, providing a Savant-branded experience separated Wealth Access in our minds.”



Our Intelligent Aggregation is smart and comprehensive—we gather data directly from over 20,000 different institutions through multi-tiered data sources. Once connected, the Intelligent Aggregation engine uses our proprietary rules-based processes and a nightly update to enrich the data and provide a robust data aggregation experience. All of your clients’ assets and liabilities are brought into one secure platform in a seamless workflow.

Firms already using Wealth Access have used Intelligent Aggregation to convert more than $3 billion to managed AUM, for an average of $240,000 new annual revenue per firm and $2,000 in new revenues per client.


Balance Sheet & Cash Flows

The Wealth Access platform gives you access to the features your clients want and the information you need. When you give your clients a Wealth Access Portal, you give them a comprehensive wealth view via single password.

The Wealth Access experience is always customizable. You can enable pre-categorized spending and create personalized dashboards that pull all of a client’s finances into a single login. They’ll also receive daily updates powered by our powerful account aggregation engine.


Firm Insight

Gain insight into your firm’s business performance with Firm Insight from Wealth Access. All your data is immediately available via a firm dashboard to help you and your advisors stay on top of opportunities that can enhance your firm.

Get easy access to information like:

Easy identification of new business opportunities

Views into advisor productivity and client satisfaction.

Real time business information

How your firm is performing



We are committed to keeping your financial data safe and secure.

Your data is encrypted with AES-256 and stored at industry-leading data centers that are fully SOC1/SOC2/SOC3 type II certified. We back up all the data we store to multiple locations that provide the highest levels of physical security and reliability.

All communications take place over secure TLS 1.2 channels. We do not allow SSLv3, RC4 or other weak protocols or ciphers.


Multi Generational Wealth Views

Our estate platform provides RIAs, Banks, Trust Departments, and Broker-Dealers the opportunity to have multi-generational wealth views for each of their clients’ family members.

This information can transform conversations from educated guessing to real dialogue that can ease the transition of wealth between generations.


Archer Investment Management

“Wealth Access provides the most powerful aggregation tool I have found out there and will be a tremendous help in facilitating our financial planning process.”